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The Science of Work

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Work: One of the most fundamental aspects of the human experience; yet so little studied in its own, holistic fashion, and still so rooted in the unenlightened thinking of the past. 


Work warrants - indeed deserves - its own scientific discipline and dedication. It causes widespread and unnecessary frustration and misery. It is incredibly inefficient and ineffective in both its misuse of the input resources (especially the human variety) and in the lost opportunity of its sub-optimal outputs. 


This book is an articulation of the “bones” of a holistic discipline of Organisational Science & Design. It is a call to arms, a plea for all participants in the world of work to reflect deeply on what they do and how they do it; to communicate broadly and with empathy; and to strive incessantly for improvement of self and environment. 

Learning from the history of work, we can forge a future of work for humans that is more emotionally and economically rewarding, that harnesses technology to serve us - not as our master - and that is fundamentally sustainable and benevolent. 

Working Together